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Lipstick is essential in daily cosmetics, but the texture of lipstick is different. Generally, it is divided into two styles: matte lipstick and moisturizing lipstick. The effect of matte lipstick and moisturizing lipstick is different. Light lipstick and moisturizing lipstick each have their own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different people. Here is the difference between a matte lipstick and moisturizing lipstick.

  1. Matte lipstick

Matte lipsticks will have higher color rendering than moisturizing models, the most intense and saturated color, high coverage, non-reflective, and longer lasting than moisturizing models. Matte lipsticks have a similar matte finish and will not appear oily on the lips. Yes, but the disadvantages are also relative. Matte texture lipsticks have higher requirements on the lips. If the lips are too dry or the cuticles of the lips are too thick, the use of matte lipsticks will show lip lines and make your makeup look. Not refined enough.

  1. Moisturizing lipstick

Compared with matte lipsticks, moisturizing lipsticks are slightly less durable and need to be retouched after a while. It is more moisturizing after applying it. When the lips are not in good condition, you can choose a moisturizing lipstick, which is not easy to show lip lines and has a good color rendering. Compared with the matte lipstick, the moisturizing lipstick is more moisturizing. Lip requirements are lower, suitable for skin that loves dry lips and does not show lip lines.

We can't say which is better between matte lipstick and moisturizing lipstick, the finish of both is not the same, not all matte lipsticks are dry, and not all moisturizing lipsticks are moisturizing, but generally matte Lipsticks are relatively dry, while lipsticks with high gloss are more moisturizing.

The above is the difference between matte lipstick and moisturizing lipstick. After using the matte lipstick, the surface of the lips will not be shiny, it is a matte feeling, but the moisturizing lipstick will have a shiny feeling on the surface, very moisturizing. You can choose the type of lipstick that suits your needs.

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