Lip gloss and Lipstick, what's your choice?

1. Texture difference: Generally, lip gloss has a relatively viscous liquid texture; while lipsticks are generally a solid paste texture.

2. Packaging difference: Liquid lip gloss usually comes with a brush head design for convenient use; while lipstick is a paste tube design.
red nude sparkle lipstick
3. The method of use is different: when using lip gloss, you generally need to use a brush to apply it, or you can use your fingers to apply it lightly; while lipstick can be applied directly to the makeup, you can also use a brush if you want a more delicate makeup.

4. The color saturation is different: The difference in color saturation between lip gloss and lipstick is that lipstick has a stronger hiding power, so it is easier to color, and sometimes lip gloss may need to be applied several times to achieve the effect. But the gloss and fullness of the mouth color on the lip gloss will be better than lipstick.
glitter lip gloss pink color
5. The difference in durability: lip gloss or lipstick, which one is easy to fade?
In terms of durability, branded lip gloss is slightly better than lipsticks. Some lipsticks can also eat food without fading and not sticking to the cup; lipsticks are prone to fading from the cup. We suggest that everyone must use special makeup remover products if they apply lip gloss.

6. The difference in moisturization: lip gloss is of viscous liquid texture, generally moisturizing is higher than lipstick. Lipstick is a creamy texture, which is divided into the matte type and moisturizing type, but generally speaking, the moisturizing degree is not particularly high.

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