Ingredients of lipstick

Base: Oils, waxes, emollients that allow the lipstick to set and last
Wax: Palm wax and beeswax are the most commonly used, and palm wax is less likely to melt.
Oils: Mineral oil, shallot oil, lanolin, paraffin oil.
Emollients: Increases the ability of the color to adhere to the lips and also moisturizes, lip gloss contains more oil and less wax.
Colorant: Contains pigments or dyes. The pigments used in lipsticks must be finer particles to be evenly attached to the lips.
Spices and Seasonings: This can mask the taste of the above ingredients.
Composition ratio: shallot and sesame oil 65%, beeswax 15%, palm wax 8-10%, lanolin 5%, a little colorant, and fragrance.
Main Ingredients of Lipstick
Types of lipsticks

Learn about the types of lipsticks and find the one that suits you
Classification by lipstick color

1. Pink color Pink gives people a feeling of youth, warmth, and softness. If you use pink lipstick with a set of clothes of the same tone, it will make your appearance bloom with spring-like colors;

2. The red color gives people a bright and eye-catching feeling, so if you put on bright red lipstick, the whole person will become high-spirited and enthusiastic;

3. Ochre Red is a color close to brown. Applying this color lipstick will look dignified, elegant, and quite classical;

4. Orange series has the enthusiasm of red and the brightness of yellow. Applying orange lipstick will give people a warm and active feeling, which is very suitable for young and lively girls.

Classification by gloss of lipstick

1. Glossy: Very transparent, with varying degrees of gloss. Moisturizes and protects dry lips for a delicate glossy finish.

2. Transparent class: transparent, slightly glossy. It has a longer-lasting thermal insulation effect than the glossy type and has a sunscreen effect.

3. Creams: opaque, less glossy. Leaves lips feeling silky soft and smooth, with even color, longer-lasting hydration than clear, and contains ingredients that prevent bleeding.

4. Matte type: very opaque, the color is durable but not bright, it can last for 6-8 hours without fading after application, and it is extremely difficult to wipe off.

Sort by texture

1. Lipstick

It is the most primitive and common lipstick, generally solid, with a dry and hard texture than lip gloss and lip gloss. High color saturation, strong color coverage, and because it is solid, it is generally not easy to overflow due to too deep lip lines. It is often used to modify the lip shape and lip color. Because it contains too many chemical elements, it should not be used in large quantities for a long time.

2. Lip gloss

The texture is transparent, you can directly apply the lipstick to the lips, or directly use the lip pencil to apply it. There is no need to emphasize the lip line, and the effect is not long-lasting.

3. Moisturizing lipstick

The oil brightness is slightly lower than that of lip gloss, and it is a basic makeup that is easy to apply. A highly moisturizing lipstick that is especially soothing for dry, peeling lips. In addition to the outstanding water-brightening effect of recent moisturizing lipsticks, autumn and winter colors have also added a lot of pearlescent and aurora effects.

4. Long-lasting lipstick

The higher the silty, the stronger the matte effect. The new generation of long-lasting lipsticks has greatly increased moisturization, even when makeup is removed. Generally, the effect of applying it directly to the lips is better than using a lip pencil.

Classified according to the effect of applying on the lips

1. Satin lipstick A very feminine one. Its color, texture, and gloss are very good, and it is generally oily, which can make lips delicate and dripping. The dazzling sheen delivers a rich, gorgeous feel with natural color and easy application, making it ideal for regular use and for women of any lip shape and age.

2. Long-lasting lipstick

It contains high volatile oil and is mixed with rich pigments. When the oil evaporates, the pigments stay on the lips, so the adhesion is strong, and there is no need for frequent makeup, and the silky matte pigments are smooth when applied. . And different colors will bring different effects. But sometimes it feels a little dry, like sticking to a film.

3. Matte lipstick

Generally, it is powdery, which can make you more mature and charming, graceful and luxurious, and make the makeup look very radiant. However, its texture is dry and the effect is slightly dull, but it has a three-dimensional effect on the lips. Requires good makeup skills. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone, and you should pay special attention when choosing. For example, deep and dull shades can play a great matte effect, but too dark colors will make you look too mature.

Main Ingredients of Lipstick Red Nova

Tips for buying lipstick

1. Dozens of colors of lipsticks are side by side, choose the most eye-catching one.
2. Be sure to apply it on your face to be beautiful, it is really beautiful.
3. If there is no one that is satisfactory, then you simply choose the most inconspicuous one.
4. When choosing lipstick, pay attention to the brand and color. If the color of the skin's autumn and winter makeup is yellowish, it is necessary to choose a warm color series and avoid using pink tones. And fair-skinned people are suitable for pink color, and it will make the skin soft and pleasant after applying it.
5. Before applying lipstick, bring the lipstick to the clothes for comparison, and choose the color that is relatively similar.
6. For those with honey-colored skin, use bright lipsticks to create a contrasting effect, making the complexion more healthy and beautiful.
7. If you like to use plain lipstick without any color, then other parts of the face must have a healthy rosy color to make your face look lively, otherwise it will look old-fashioned.
8. Lip liner is a good companion for lipstick. Use lip liner to trace the lip line first. It is a good modification for people with uneven lips, and it can also prevent the lipstick from blooming. It is necessary to develop the habit of applying lipstick with cotton swabs, and do not let the lips touch the lipstick directly, which is unsanitary and easy to deteriorate the lipstick.
9. If you want your lips to have a silty soft light color, you might as well apply a little powder after applying the lipstick, sip your lips up and down, and your lips will be able to fully show a soft texture.
10. Remember, never let your lips show only one color, day after day, you will experience aesthetic fatigue.

Correct application of lipstick

First of all, be sure to wash your lips before applying lip balm, and then apply a layer of lip balm or anti-cracking cream to protect the lips and prevent cracks, so as to better apply makeup. Use foundation or concealer to contour the lips.

Secondly, use a lip liner to outline the ideal contour, and the lips should be naturally relaxed so that the shape of the lip line can be better observed. Draw in the order of the upper and lower lips, close the mouth when drawing the upper lip, and draw from the center to the sides. The lower lip line is drawn from both sides to the center. If you don't want to accentuate your lip shape, you can also leave out the lip line. Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the lipstick or the lip brush full of lipstick, let the little finger press on the chin to fix and support the handle, and draw the lip hill and the center of the lower lip to determine the lip thickness.

Then, apply from the corners of the upper lip to the middle of the lips, and then from the corners of the lower lip to the middle of the lips. At this time, the lips are slightly opened to draw a more perfect line. Pay attention to the balance on the left and right sides. After painting the outside, gradually apply to the inside until it is fully coated. Gently press lips with a tissue to remove excess oil. When pressing, slightly open the lips, the effect can reach the inside of the lips. Apply a glossy lipstick or an accent silver lipstick to the center of the lips to plump up the lips.

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