Eyebrows are the most important part of the entire face, and different eyebrow shapes can make a difference in a person's temperament visually. Eyebrows look simple, but they are very difficult to draw. Many newcomers to makeup must have been tortured by drawing eyebrows.


Does eyebrow cards work?

How to use eyebrow cards: To help you directly cut out those popular eyebrow shapes that are popular nowadays, a makeup novice who can't draw eyebrows just needs to stick it to his forehead and fill the inner part of the card with eyebrows. However, because everyone's face shape and eye spacing are different, there is no standard way to draw eyebrow pressure.


eyebow tools

Is it better to use an eyebrow card or an eyebrow stamp?

The eyebrow stamp is made up of two main parts, the stamp and the eyebrow powder. First of all, you can choose the stamp to dip in the powder and just print it on your eyebrows. If you want to be more natural, you can use a small brush to halo the eyebrows to create a gradient. Eyebrow cards, on the other hand, are made of very soft plastic in the shape of eyebrows and need to be filled with eyebrow makeup products.


Compared to the two, the brow card requires one hand to hold and the other to draw the eyebrows, while the brow stamp only requires a light press and a perfect brow shape comes out in three seconds. So in terms of use, the eyebrow stamp is a little more convenient. However, the biggest disadvantage of the stamp is the stiffness of the eyebrows, mainly because the color of the head is too dark and can be stained by hand or brush, while the eyebrows drawn with the card are relatively more natural.


If you are looking for fast eyebrow painting, eyebrow stamps are a good choice, if you are looking for more refined and natural eyebrows, it is recommended to choose eyebrow cards.


Why can't you draw eyebrows well even after using an eyebrow card?

Eyebrows are a little more difficult, after all, they need to be symmetrical on both sides. If the card is not right, it is not symmetrical and still does not look good. It is best to feel the position of the eyebrow bone yourself, or see clearly the position to symmetrical good.


Different face shapes suitable for the eyebrow shape

  1. Long face, suitable for straight and natural eyebrows, can visually weaken the long lines of the face.
  2. Round face, suitable for upward three-dimensional eyebrows, can lengthen the visual effect of the face, lighten the sense of roundness of the face.
  3. Square face, suitable for short eyebrows with rounded peaks and slightly thicker heads, softening the sense of sharp lines.
  4. For triangular faces, a thin, straight eyebrow shape is suitable, and the curve of the eyebrow peak should not be too high to correct the upper half of the face that is too narrow.
  5. Inverted triangle face, suitable for slightly thicker horizontal eyebrows, the eyebrow shape should not be too long, to play the effect of elongating the upper half of the face.
  6. Goose egg face, suitable for softer eyebrow shape, not to destroy the original beauty of the goose egg face.