Many makeup novice do not know how to draw eye makeup, which makeup brushes do you need? How to increase the layering of eye makeup?
Is your makeup brush usage and smudge technique correct?
Eye Makeup Brush Guide For Beginners!

1.Large eye shadow brush: Features: Large color range, fast coloring

one step eyebrow
Dip a small amount of eye shadow and apply it quickly in a "Z" shape

2.Small eye shadow brush: Features: suitable for stacking, make eye makeup layered.

glitter palette
Smudge from front to back, superimpose on the crease of the double eyelid or the end of the eye area, slowly smudge.

3.Angled eye shadow brush: Features: good color, used to deepen the smudge
Suitable for smudged eye triangle area.

mini eyeshadow palette
4.Conical eye shadow brush: Features: Conical brush head, local smudge deepens, creates a three-dimensional effect.

cut crease eye makeup
Smudge the eye head and tail area, embellish the eye and brighten

5.Flat head eye shadow brush: Features: The bristles are shaped, suitable for treating the under-eye area.
rainbow eye makeup
6.Eyeliner brush: Features: flat oblique head, precise, easy to outline
Dip in the darkest eye shadow and outline the eyeliner and lids

rainbow eye makeup
Remember: You must apply a small amount of eye makeup several times, from light to dark, so that the eye makeup is clean and layered.
With the right selection of tools + the correct smudge technique, you will definitely be able to draw the beautiful eye makeup you want.