Remove Makeup Properly is important for your skin

Wrong makeup removal not only accelerates skin aging but also brings about various skin problems - dull sallow, adult acne on the forehead and chin, worrying fine lines and wrinkles, etc. Therefore, makeup removal must strictly follow the orthodox steps, so as not to leave any makeup residue On the face, can become ageless beauty. Therefore, the correct steps for makeup removal are very important. If the makeup removal is not thorough, the skin will be slowly damaged by cosmetics, resulting in many skin problems. Let's take a look at the correct steps and methods of makeup removal with Sebeiti.

Firstly, choosing a mild makeup remover is not too harsh. If you like to use waterproof, super-styling eye makeup products or lip products that have a lip coloring effect and have strong penetration. Or you need to prepare a special makeup remover for eyes and lips.

The second is the cotton pad, which is really important, whether it will waste the makeup remover product, whether it will absorb well, whether it will shrink, whether it will shed hair, whether it will be damaged, all of which will affect our makeup removal results.

Finally, you need some gadgets to help remove makeup, such as cotton swabs, lotions, etc.

1: Eyes and lips

Prepare a cotton swab and tissue, fold the tissue on the lower eyelid, close the eye, and then use a cotton swab dipped in a makeup remover for eyes and lips to wipe down from the root of the eyelashes. Then open your eyes, place a tissue at the bottom of the lower eyelashes, and then use a cotton swab to wipe down from the root of the eyelashes to gently remove the mascara from the eyelashes.

First soak two pieces of makeup remover with a special makeup remover for eyes and lips, one on each side of the eyes, cover the eye area, leave it on for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, then press and wipe off both sides according to the trend, then fold the cotton piece, use another Wipe one more time.

Drop a little mild makeup remover onto a cotton pad, close your eyes, and slowly wipe from the tip of the eye to the end of the eye, looking upwards when wiping the eyeliner, to avoid overstretching the eye area and causing fine lines. After the eyelashes and eye shadow are removed, the residual makeup of the eyeliner or eye shadow is still left between the tiny eyelashes or in the crease of the eyelid. Dip the makeup remover with a cotton swab and carefully wipe it in a direction perpendicular to the eyes to prevent the makeup from staying on the delicate and delicate skin around the eyes and hurting the skin.

2: Eyebrows

Dip a cotton pad with a mild makeup remover, first clean the eyebrows from the inside out, wipe gently, and then use the other side of the cotton pad to wipe from the outside to the inside against the direction of the eyebrows.

3: Lips

The method is similar to that of the eyes. Dip a cotton pad with a makeup remover for eyes and lips, press gently for ten seconds, and then wipe. If there are still some small residues in the lip lines, you can use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to gently wipe off.

4: Full face

The last step is simple. Dip a clean cotton pad with a mild makeup remover and wipe it all over the face. Be careful not to apply too much force and try not to pull the skin too much.

After removing it, wash your face with a cleansing product, because no matter how good the cleansing product is, there will still be some residue in the end, or the cleansing product itself is oily or gel type, you still need to wash your face carefully with a cleanser.


After cleansing, take care of your skin carefully, and the whole makeup removal process is over.

The following Sebeiti will give you a warm reminder of some small precautions:

  1. When using a makeup remover with water and oil separation, be sure to shake it well before use
  2. Do not wipe vigorously when removing makeup, the technique should follow the texture of the skin
  3. In principle, the parts with more colors and heavier parts, such as eye shadow and lipstick, should be removed first, and then other parts should be cleaned.
  4. The most taboo thing about using makeup remover is to just apply it quickly, ignoring the details to remove makeup. Especially the corners of the nose, forehead edges, mouth corners, chin, and other dead corners where keratin waste is easy to accumulate. Apply finely and confirm that pore dirt is indeed dissolved.


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