Eyeshadow is one of the most fragile products in the makeup haul. Some brands have lax quality control and unrealistic pressure plates; vibrations during express delivery; improper use and other reasons can cause eye shadows to break. Today we're going to teach you a few ways to fix broken eyeshadow.

  1. How to repair broken eyeshadow

▶Cling film repair method

➤Preparation materials: broken eye shadow tray, a little alcohol, plastic wrap, toothpicks, bottle caps/cards


  1. First use a toothpick to poke the broken eye shadow into powder, the finer the better, so that it covers the eye shadow grid.
  2. Pour in a little alcohol and moisten the eye shadow powder for better setting.
  3. Spread the plastic wrap on top of the eye shadow powder and press it with a bottle cap or card to form; after forming, remove the plastic wrap, place the eye shadow in a dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight, and let it stand for about 2 hours.

▶Freehand repair method

➤Preparation materials: broken eye shadow tray, white paper, paper towel, cylindrical object.


  1. First pour the broken eye shadow into the white paper, fold the white paper in half, press the white paper with a cylindrical object, and crush the eye shadow.
  2. Pour the crushed eye shadow powder back into the eye shadow tray, cover it with a layer of paper towel, and press firmly with a cylindrical object to set it.

Before → After

matte eyeshadow palette

Secondly, repair eye shadow precautions

  1. Alcohol is a volatile liquid, which is less destructive to eye shadow.
  2. The glitter of the eye shadow is easy to stick to everywhere, so when repairing the eye shadow, it should be on a flat, windproof table.
  3. Pressing the eye shadow plate with bare hands is the best way to ensure the quality of eye shadow, but the effect of manual platen is not as good as that of machine platen, so be careful to handle it gently during subsequent use

Take it lightly to avoid falling off the plate again.

  1. How to use broken eye shadow

▶Make nail polish

If your eyeshadow palette is completely crumbled and the colors are mixed, you can make them into nail polishes.

➤Preparation materials: transparent nail polish, broken eye shadow tray, toothpicks


  1. Mash the eye shadow thoroughly with a toothpick into powder and place it on a piece of paper.
  2. Turn the paper into the shape of a funnel, pour the eye shadow into the nail polish along the funnel, and tighten the cap of the nail polish.
  3. Shake the bottle to mix the powder and nail polish thoroughly. After mixing well, you will get a new bottle of nail polish.

▶Make a solid incense box

Such a solid incense box is rare, but it is also very useful. The incense box made in this way is beautiful and easy to carry.

➤Preparation materials: perfume/essential oil, broken eye shadow tray, small round box, toothpicks


  1. First use a toothpick to poke the broken eye shadow into powder, the finer the better.
  2. Put the eye shadow powder into the small round box for pressing, moisten it with perfume or essential oil, and press down.
  3. Put it in a cool place until the eye shadow box is formed. The formed eye shadow box will have its own fragrance, so that it can be placed in the wardrobe and used as a fragrance.

Super simple eye shadow repair method, have you learned it?