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Today, Sebeiti will share how to clean the lip glaze empty tube.

Preparation (tools): refill with pen cover; 2~3 napkins; 3~4 cotton swabs; (strong makeup remover) makeup remover; separate box; (tweezers)

  1. Use tweezers or fingernails to pull up the lip glaze plug, use a lip brush to dig out most of the lip glaze, and put it into the packaging box.
  2. Use a cotton swab to drain the makeup remover into the lip glaze tube to prevent overflow. Block the mouth of the lip gloss tube with your thumb and shake well. (dissolves most of the lip gloss in makeup remover) Shake well and pour out.
  1. As shown in Figure 4, wrap the refill with a tissue, scrub back and forth at the bottom of the lip glaze, and then shake it up with a makeup remover and pour it out.
  2. Bend the upper part of the cotton swab (the place with cotton), dip it in a little makeup remover, and insert it into the mouth of the lip glaze tube to clean it.
  3. Finally, shake it with the makeup remover, and it will be ok after it is washed with water.

The above are the steps of cleaning the lip glaze tube, welcome to share the new method.

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