Selecting 2022 best lipstick shapes by skin color

1 Ruddy skin

They are more suitable to use lipstick colors with brighter colors. When applying them, you don't need to blur the contours of the lips. It is king to show a clear lip shape.

sebeiti makeup tips best lipstick

2 Yellowish skin

Suitable for orange or brown lip glosses with yellow tones (warm tones). You can try applying multiple layers of soft-colored lip gloss. But be careful not to use pink lip gloss with blue tones (cold tones) that will make your complexion look ugly.

3 White skin

Suitable for bright colors such as bright orange or tender pink. The center of the lips is smeared thicker, and the surrounding parts are faintly faint, creating a beautiful, soft and delicate lips. Lip gloss that is too light can make people look listless, so don't use it.

4 Dark skin

It is suitable to choose strong or light colors to create a refreshing impression. In addition, using lip glosses containing golden or pearl glitter can show a full personality. Never use neutral colors.


2022 Top 5 popular lip shapes

  1. Red

Every beauties should have a red lipstick, which can meet the impression of lipstick and is an indispensable one for formal occasions. Big red not only can make you look fair, but more importantly, it can make your skin color not appear dark yellow, but ruddy. The complexion will be healthier.

Features: The red lip color gives people the feeling of being creative, brave, confident, ambitious, courageous, and very hardworking.

2022 lips shapes trend

  1. Nude

Nude color is very suitable for daily makeup, and students are also very suitable for this color. The main feature of this color is that it is healthy and natural, and looks good. But usually we also use nude colors, because sometimes bright colors are better than nude colors. More white.

Features: Enthusiastic and loving, reliable, practical, sweet and friendly, beautiful and attractive.

nude lipstick shapes

  1. Orange

Orange has the passion of red and the brightness of yellow. Putting on orange lipstick will give people a feeling of enthusiasm, activity and vitality, which is very suitable for young and lively girls. Suitable for daily light makeup.

Characteristics: Enthusiastic, active and lively.

mac lipstick shades

  1. Fuchsia

The super retro and super mature color is very picky for users. Not ordinary people can hold it. If it is not done, it will be too strong, or it will look like poisoning~

Features: independent, reliable, practical, ambitious, courageous, educated, elegant, beautiful and attractive.

matte lipstick liquid lipstick

  1. Pink

Pink is also very suitable for nude makeup. It can hold many occasions. The lighter color is suitable for girls. It is necessary for a tender look. The darker color is feminine and can be very formal.

But be careful, authentic pink is not suitable for people with yellow skin, because it will make the skin more yellow.

Features: easy-going, friendly, sociable, funny, beautiful, cute and attractive.

nude lipstick shades pink

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