Choose the best lipstick that suits your lip

  1. How to choose from different skin colors?

Depending on the skin tone, the suitable lipstick color is also different. In fact, skin tones are divided into cool-toned skin tones and warm-toned skin tones. The judgment of warm or cold skin tone is also very simple. Fairies can look at the color of blood vessels on their wrists.

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In the sun, if the blood vessels of the wrist are blue-violet, it is a cool color, and if it is blue-green, it is a warm color. White skin is a cool color. Generally, lipsticks with cool colors will be amazing, such as pink, purple, green, etc. You can try boldly if the color is biased to this kind of color system.

And other skin tones can be considered warm colors. The warm tones are mainly red and yellow. These lipsticks are considered to be warm-toned lipsticks, which are more suitable for little fairies.

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  1. How to choose a different lipstick according to lip colors?

Everyone's lip color is different, and light lip color is easier to restore the original color of lipstick, basically don't worry about it.

But for fairies with deep lip color, choose a bean paste color that will not step on thunder, or choose a darker lipstick, which can cover their original lip color and highlight their good complexion. And if the color of your teeth turns yellow, you should also avoid choosing cool-toned lipsticks!

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  1. How to choose by different occasions?

The most enviable thing is the white skin. The skin is known to be not picky, and almost all colors can be perfectly interpreted. Especially suitable for rose red, pink and berry colors.

In daily life, the practical pink is more complex. If you wear makeup, you can use rose red to lighten the overall skin tone. For important occasions such as banquets and annual meetings, you can use berry color, which is particularly charming and attractive!

But yellow skin and black skin should not be so random in choosing colors. It is best to avoid pink and fluorescent lipsticks, and red bean paste can be said to be a color that can be used daily, or red can also highlight the aura. .

The orange-toned lipstick also has a whitening effect on yellow and black skin, and is very friendly to the yellow and black skin. And some lipsticks with bright flashes are actually warmer tones. You can try them with yellow skin and black skin.

Wheat complexion is lighter than chocolate complexion, and there will be some yellow complexion mixed into it. Therefore, the orange lipstick that emphasizes high saturation can not only brighten the skin tone, but also the warm orange can neutralize the yellowish wheat skin tone.

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Although chocolate complexion needs bright lip color to make up, daily life is not to go to the red carpet every day. Unless you have a celebrity face who is born to control red lips, it is best not to often appear in your life with a big red lipstick.

For those girls who usually like to make up without makeup but do not like make-up lazy, having a beautiful lipstick that suits them is the best choice. Su Yan looks pale and pale face, after applying lipstick, the complexion will of course be much better, maybe the rate of turning back will rise by a level!

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