Choose Right Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners

  1. The combination is the key

Many people buy an eyeshadow palette simply because they are in love with a certain color in it. That's not really sensible, and it means you could spend money on five shades and end up using only a single shade. Before buying any eyeshadow palette, you must make sure it has at least a combination of the following colors and textures: one dark, one light, one intermediate, and one of which is best glittery.​

  1. The most practical basic color

The two most useful eyeshadow palettes are earth tones and smoky combinations. Brown, taupe, beige, and champagne are needed in earth tones; black, one or two greys, and a shimmery highlight for smoky combinations. It would be ideal if the eyeshadow palette included a colorful intermediate, such as a sage green or golden brown, for a more detailed eye look.

  1. The feeling of eye shadow of various colors

Brown: A safe choice for easy skin tone coordination. Not overpowering, but not easy to go wrong neutral shade eyeshadow.

Light red: Emphasizes that the eyes are clear and lovely, it is a bright shade of eye shadow, but it is not suitable for women with slightly swollen eyes.​​

Purple: With a strong sense of mystery, it can increase the sense of nobility and arrogance in the eyes, and is suitable for women with fair skin.​​