How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step for Beginners?

It's relatively easy to apply eye shadow. However, learning to use eye makeup correctly is not easy. How do you choose the right shade for your eye color and skin tone? Do you really need 10 cosmetic brushes? Can you use every color in that eye shadow palette?

We know that the best way to highlight your eyes is easily confused, so we made a five-step guide to show you how to handle all these eyeliner, mascara, and shadows. Let's start:


1. Start with a great cosmetic brush.

There is a reason why famous artists do not use finger painting: it is much more difficult to create masterpieces without appropriate tools. The same is true for cosmetic applications. Invest in some good makeup brushes to achieve uniform, accurate and hygienic makeup. Fortunately, you can get a good salary without giving up the whole salary.

When we tested the best cosmetic brushes at the good housekeeping Institute beauty lab, we found that synthetic brushes are almost always preferable to natural fiber brushes, and they are more affordable, easier to clean, and anti-allergic. (PSST: all our winners are synthetic, and professionals cannot distinguish them from higher-priced natural options).


2. Smear basic eye shadow on the eyelids.

Use your eye shadow brush, pick up your favorite eye shadow palette, and then sweep your love on your eyelid. Depending on the appearance you want, you can take this background color all the way to your eyebrow bones to prepare for more eye-catching smoked eye makeup, or you can stop at the wrinkles of your eyes to get a basic daily makeup.

In the latter case, this is a foolproof technique: when you open your eyes, place the color in the folds of your eyes and then down the eyelash line. In this way, you will never exceed the crease or end up with messy lines.


3. Focus the deeper shadow on the eye fold.

Dark colors attract light, so placing a deeper shadow at the crease of the eye will highlight your eyes by increasing the depth and size in the right position.

For appearance, dip in a dome brush like e.l.f. Brush the mixture into a dark shadow and sweep it along the eye socket, along the eye shape between the eyebrow bone and the eyelid. No matter how your eyes are colored, dark brown, such as Urban Decay, eye shadow, and so on, are a popular love choice in Thunderbird.

If your eyes are covered, when you open your eyes, your upper eyelids will cover most of the movable eyelids. This means you have to use different, higher positions to make crease shadows because if you just smear along with the eye socket, the color will disappear when you open your eyes. Instead, start with your eyes open and mark the position where you want the dark color to start with a brush so that it can be seen. Then, close the eyes and mix, smooth any hard lines, and concentrate the pigment in the outermost corner of the eyes in a "V" shape.


4. Outline your eyelash line with ultra-dark color.

Using the right eyeliner can make your eyelashes look thicker. If you are not a loyal fan of eyeliner, you can use super darker eyeshadow to get the same appearance (which is easier to wash away). Use a flat short hairbrush to darker the upper eyelid edges and lower eyelids along the eyelashes. If you love to wear Eyeliner on the waterline (the inner circle of your eyes), brushing may irritate your eyes, so you can track this line with one of our love Waterproof Eyeliner.


5. Highlight with a shiny shadow.

Add eyebrows and shiny eyebrows under the eyebrows to make the eyebrow prominent and enhance the effect. Add the same pearlescent color to the inner corner of the eye to brighten the skin tone. Finally, put on our love mascara, and you can start.