Get a new Purple Eyeshadow Looks Step by Step

  1. Apply the mint lotus eyeshadow with a large halo brush, and apply it on the eyelid to make the undereye. Delineate the corners and lower lash line with dark brown purple eyeshadow, light blue eyeshadow to brighten the corners, and pearly pink to brighten the center of the upper and lower eyes. Use a clean brush to blur the edges, choose a purple eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, and use a clean eyeliner to lengthen the corners of the eyes.
  1. For the base makeup, apply the loose powder evenly around the eyes, apply the base cream evenly on the eyelids, apply pearl eye shadow with a Halloween brush, expand the eye socket, and apply pearl purple eyeshadow palette with eye shadow.
  1. Please be sure to do a good job of the foundation of the eyes. Eye makeup looks dirty because most of the time there is no primer. You don't have to buy a primer specifically, you can use a very light-colored matte eyeshadow, liquid foundation, or concealer instead. Purple tends to swell, please avoid using it in large areas. It is best to apply only on the delta part and not over-stain. Eyeliner tries using purple instead of black. Do not use the sponge stick on the eye shadow, be sure to use a dedicated eye shadow brush.
  1. You can apply a moisturizing eye sheet 30 minutes before makeup to moisten the eyes. If you have puffy eyes, it is recommended that you keep the eye mask in the refrigerator the night before. In this way, under the condition of moisturizing and sufficient moisture, the skin around the eyes is not easy to get oily, and it is not easy to remove makeup.