A Brief History of Lipstick Timeline

Archaeologists have discovered that the world's first lipstick was found in the Sumerian city of Ur. Five thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians used black, orange, and fuchsia lipsticks. In ancient Roman times, lipstick called Fucus was made of purple-red mercury-containing vegetable dyes and red wine sediments. In the Tang Dynasty of China, aristocratic women and prostitutes liked to use sandalwood to fill their lips, which will be used in later generations. In the Victorian era, lipstick was regarded as a girl's product, and the use of lipstick was taboo. Around 1660-1789, lipstick was popular among French and English men in Europe.

In the eighteenth century, the United States and Puritan immigrants were not popular for wearing lipstick. Beauty-loving women would rub their lips with ribbons when people were not paying attention to increase the rosy color. This happened until the nineteenth century when paleness was popular in the nineteenth century, lipstick and cosmetics were regarded as Taboo and sold in the form of drugs. During the French period, Guerlain introduced tube lipsticks to the United States, and the sales targets were mainly for a few nobles. The first metal tube lipsticks were made by Maurice Levi and Scoville Manufacturing Company in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA.

red lipstick history

In the 1915s, manufacturing was a mass product.

During the suffragette demonstrations in New York City in the 1912s, prominent feminists wore lipstick as a symbol of women's liberation. In the 1920s, the popularity of movies in the United States also led to the popularity of lipsticks. Since then, the popularity of various lipstick colors will be influenced by film and television stars, which will drive the trend.

In the 1940s, American women were affected by the war and would use makeup to keep their faces looking good. Tangee, one of the largest lipstick manufacturers at that time, once launched an advertisement called "War", Women and Lipsticks.

In 1950, when the war ended, actresses led to the popularity of full and charming lips.

In the 1960s, fish scales were used to create a shimmering effect due to the popularity of lighter shades of lipstick such as white and silver.

In 1970, when disco was popular, purple was a popular lipstick color, and black was the favorite lipstick color of punks. Some New Age practitioners (NewAger) began to bring the ingredients of natural plants into the lipstick. Then the rocker's dress led to the trend of men using lipstick. Especially Boy George in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, brown lipsticks began to appear, and black and blue lip colors also appeared in some rock bands.

In the late 1990s, vitamins, herbs, spices, and other materials were added to lipsticks in large quantities. The original lipstick was a cream, similar to today's lip gloss, and the bullet-shaped lipstick was invented during the First World War. Many cosmetic manufacturers will name lipsticks after colors or popular names, and the first brand to market by a number instead of a lipstick color was Yves Saint Laurent.
A brief history of lipstick is a history of human beings. The replacement of lipstick reflects the development process of human beings, and it is related to the living conditions of female groups.

In the future, when you can't move your legs in the makeup store, please don't forget how many women's desires and glory this little steel pipe in front of you once carried.

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